30 minutes after being rescued, a dog abandoned by its owner is adopted

A man was caught on camera pushing a dog out of a car and driving away, leaving the dog behind.

A Kansas City Codes Enforcement Officer who was watching a camera at an illegal dumping site discovered the dog.
What he saw in the video was heartbreaking.
The poor dog was allegedly thrown out of the car by his owner.

The video even shows the poor dog chasing the speeding car.

The video was discovered eight days later.
Officers from Animal Control were then dispatched to look for the abandoned dog.
Fortunately, he was discovered nearby.
He was hungry and cold, but this dog appeared to be waiting for his owners to return.

Mojave, the dog, was then taken to the KC Pet Project shelter.
A couple came in less than 30 minutes after Mojave arrived at the shelter, met Mojave, and instantly fell in love with him.
Mojave had found two people who would be his forever home in an instant.

Mojave, we are overjoyed for you!
We hope that the joy and love that the couple will shower on you will make you forget about the people who abandoned you.

And as for the people who abandoned Mojave, citations are being issued to the former owners who were traced by the investigators through the car’s license plate, according to a post by KC Pet Project.
According to the BarkPost article, they have been charged with animal abandonment, not having a proper pet license, allowing an animal to run at large, and failing to neuter a Pit Bull breed.

Source: iheartdogs.com