K-9 Officer Refuses To Go To Work, Unless He Gets A Belly Rub

Jango Fett is a Belgian Malinois and a K-9 official with the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland. He and his handler, Deputy Ryan Costin, cooperate as a team.But one delightful spring morning, Jango Fett ended up nearly reviewed for disobedience. Appointee Costin requested him into the watch vehicle, however Jango Fett level out won’t.

To come to his meaningful conclusion, he slumped down on the ground and wouldn’t move an inch! These occasions all occur at the home of Deputy Costin, with the cherry blooms in full sprout. It was the ideal foundation view for Jango Fett to picket. Representative Costin’s significant other, Cassie, shot the entire disaster while laughing uncontrollably inside.

For about 2 minutes the agent attempted to prevail upon his K-9 accomplice without much of any result. He raises up as though to state, “I’m simply not doing this today.” Deputy Costin at last consents to fulfill Jango Fett’s needs and scratches his gut. “In this way, all I have to prepare for work is a midsection rub. Got it, check,” Cassie says as Jango Fett at last jumps into the vehicle.

The Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office said this about the video on its Facebook page: We’ve all had the Monday Morning Blues! “My boy Jango Fett really didn’t want to go to work today!!!!!!! I had to reason with him lol lol!!!!! #k9life #oldman” I’m glad they were able to come to terms and resolve their issues!

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