Lion Stalks Wiener Dog Like Prey – Wiener Dog’s Comeback Has Internet Swooning

In Wynnewood, Oklahoma there is a wildlife refuge which is home to a wide variety of animals. This home to wayward animals is called the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. Founded in 1997, the park spans 16 acres and is home to 1400 animals from 128 different species.

These animals run the gamut from tiny to enormous. One of the animals living at the refuge is Bonedigger, a big Barbary Lion. While some of the animals at the park are exotic, others are much more common. Among the more commonly found animals include a number of stray dogs, particularly Dachshunds. One of these adorable little wiener dogs is a little girl named Abby.

Although Bonedigger is intimidating, Abby is more than his match. According to another park employee, this could be because the two animals have such a long history. The two were introduced to one another when they were both between the ages of six to nine weeks old. The relationship between the two is a unique connection, the staff say. Even though Bonedigger is friends with the other dogs, none compare to Abby. No other animals can come in Bonedigger’s area without getting charged out!

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