Cat Drags Lifeless Body To A Shelter For Help

While we hear moving anecdotes about mutts’ unwaveringness, the dedication of felines is scarcely ever recognized. In an ongoing viral video from the Songbei area in North China, we see a lamenting feline who is as yet clutching the body of her dead friend.As per spectators’ records, the white-and-orange feline remained over her companion’s inert body and attempted to resuscitate her.

She was plainly willfully ignorant about her companion’s passing. In urgency, the feline held the limp body in her mouth and began hauling her to a close-by safe house to get help. In this video, we see the feline battle to get her dead companion to the safe house. She is unmistakably depleted as she attempts to tow the dead body through the under space of vehicles. She doesn’t disregard the body notwithstanding for a second and continues creeping forward with much difficulty.

While no one has any thought regarding the explanation behind the other feline’s passing, this gave feline’s determined dedication pulls at our souls. It is clear that the cat isn’t ready to let her friend go just yet. We sincerely hope that this mourning cat finds the strength to deal with her loss. Click the video below to watch this loyal stray cat’s dedication towards getting help for her unresponsive friend.

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