When Mom Says “Let Us Pray,” The Family Dog Knows Just What To Do

Expressing appreciation for the sustenance we eat is a custom that a great many families around the globe take part in consistently. We sit during supper, bow our heads, crease our hands in supplication, and say a type of talked petition. For one Jack Russell Terrier, he needed to be incorporated into his family’s mealtime convention. Gratefully, cameras caught the entire excellent and skilled film.

Giving thanks for the food we eat is a tradition that millions of families around the world engage in every day. We sit at the dinner table, bow our heads, fold our hands in prayer, and say a form of spoken prayer. For one Jack Russell Terrier, he wanted to be included in his family’s mealtime tradition. Thankfully, cameras captured the whole beautiful and talented footage.

Dogs love to hang out with their pack, and they will often imitate human behaviors. They see us doing something, so they want to do it, too. This small Jack Russell Terrier is allowed to sit with his family on his own chair at the dinner table.The family bows their heads, folds their hands in prayer, and a female in the video, probably the mom, says, “Let us pray.”

Everyone at the dinner table is silent, and as the camera pans around the table, you will see all the family members, including the most adorable doggo. He suddenly sits up on his hind legs, and he clasps his front paws together! This downright adorable pooch is engaging in prayer with the family. We love that this sweet baby wants to fit in and be grateful for the meal. See for yourself in this most precious video below.


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