Pit bull spots starving German Shepherd across field, springs into action to save her

Lucy quickly spotted the German Shepherd in the field, and she led the rescuers towards the other dog. The rescuers tried to approach the German Shepherd, but she ran away. The poor dog had clearly not experienced much kindness in her life, and she was afraid of the rescuers.

The rescuers decided to set up a “trap” to catch the dog. The rescuers placed a cage in the middle of the field, and they put food in it to attract the dog. Then, they left the area. When they came back, they were happy to see that the German Shepherd was in the cage. The rescuers gently lifted up the cage and let the dog out.

They put her on a leash and took her to their shelter. No Kill Kern named the dog Queen, and they gave her toys to help her feel comfortable in her new home. Queen was nervous at first, but soon, she started to relax.


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