Man Does Everything So His Blind, 3-Legged Dog Can Have Fun With Him Outdoors

From the archives comes this touching story of a dog’s human and the lengths he went to to make sure his dog with disabilities enjoyed life outdoors. Josh loves spending time with his rescue dog Keller, who is blind and has three legs. While enjoying his hobby of welding, Josh came up with an idea that is not only fun, but also helps his dog Keller have fun outdoors with him. Josh’s creations have gotten some unusual reactions around town but that doesn’t matter to him.

“Individuals take a gander at me unusual, however I couldn’t care less,” says Josh. Furthermore, Keller adores it! Keller is an Akita/Chow blend – or “Chiquita” – as Josh likes to state. She was brought into the world visually impaired and with dwarfism. “Everything didn’t arrange very right and her retinas never connected,” depicts Josh. He named her after Helen Keller, who is attributed with acquainting the Akita breed with America. Keller’s unique proprietor was going to put her down. Josh clarified, “She fled and was gotten by the sanctuary I volunteer at. Love at first sniff for me!” This is Josh and Keller’s story: “I began welding as a diversion and thought of this for my kayak (I live near the Niagara River).”

“I before long found a simple route for my young lady Keller to get out and have a ton of fun!” “She adores undertakings! This is her frolicking around at Allegany State Park.”

“I decided to work with the idea… And started welding some more.”

“Here is a caricature drawing of our maiden voyage. Done in MS Paint by a friend of mine. Yeah, he is pretty awesome.”

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