Photographer on hike discovers sleeping dog guarding a valley

Nature is such an astounding thing and this one slope is no exemption. Situated at Taoyuan Valley of Gongga, New Taipei City, Taiwan, an explorer climbed this astonishing slope and understood that it takes after something. He shared the photograph via web-based networking media and we can’t be astonished at how the excellent slope really looks like an enormous pooch resting in the green nature. Discreetly lies in the middle of the valley and with layers of green view, it looks practically like the immense canine is guarding the excellent Taoyuan Valley in his sleep.Can you see the dozing hound?


When sharing the picture on February 2015 in a landscape community page on Facebook, the photographer Chenguang Xiang captioned it indicating the resemblance of the valley to a dog. “Taoyuan Valley in northern Taiwan has a very large dog sleeping on its beautiful grassland.” Looking at the picture, a lot of people are fascinated at how uncanny the resemblance of the hill to a dog.

Some even mentioned how they’ve been to the place so many times but just realized about this ‘sleeping dog’ the first time when they saw the picture. Besides the sleeping dog valley, Xiang also discovered another wonder in nature—this rock that looks exactly like an elephant’s trunk.

A man out for a hike in the Taoyuan Valley of Gongga, New Taipei City, Taiwan, discovered a gigantic dog. As he climbed to the top of a hill, he looked out at the lush green hills and that’s when noticed the huge sleeping pooch. Right there between the valleys, he spotted the amazing canine likeness.

When he posted the photo to Facebook, people commented on how they never realized the “dog” was located in that area.As he continued the hike, he came upon another animal likeness: A rock that looks just like an elephant’s trunk! Because he is an avid photographer, Chenguang Xiang, snapped photos to share on social media.Once people saw these spectacular animal-like images, they began sharing similar photos of their own on Facebook. One person posted a rock that looks like two dogs looking at one another.Nature is truly full of miracles and “hidden creatures,” and we just need to keep our eyes open to discover them.

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