Marine Was Re-Stationed 70 Miles Away, Stray Dog Follows On Foot To Be With Him

In numerous parts of the world, stray puppies, unfortunately, run wild. Numerous explorers do what they can and what the laws permit. Regularly, it’s a daunting task and the strays are abandoned. This story is unique. It recounts the narrative of a canine who declined to be abandoned by a man he cherished such a great amount of, propelled by the Latin expression of the Army Rangers: no man deserted.

At the point when Marine Major Brian Dennis was positioned in Iraq, he met a stray canine who quickly stole his heart. The puppy was named “Stubs” since his ears had been cut off. Rumor has it that an Iraqi soldier cut them off so he would look tougher— a cruel act that infuriated the American soldiers. Major Dennis and Nubs became best friends.

They spent time together developing a truly special bond but then, sadly, Major Dennis received new orders and he had to leave. Major Dennis was re-stationed over 70 miles away near the border. He said goodbye to his friend Nubs and his heart ached. As he drove off in the Humvee, Nubs could be seen trailing behind, chasing the vehicle. The sight was heartbreaking.

But Major Dennis knew that Nubs would grow tired and go back to his stray dog friends. Likely never seeing the dog again. Then a fellow marine came to Major Dennis with a huge smile on his face. He said that Dennis had a special visitor. And wouldn’t you know that it was NUBS! He made the entire 70-mile journey on foot to be with his best friend.

That is when Major Dennis decided he would do everything in his power to adopt the dog so they would never be apart again. Their story is beautiful, poignant and touching. It has since been made into a best selling book that chronicles their incredible journey together.  

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