Beagle Loves Dancing To Reggeaton With Grandma

An interesting Beagle named Bailey is overwhelming the Internet in light of his affection for Reggeaton. Wendy Berenguer shared a video of her pooch hitting the dance floor with her mother in the kitchen and the two are hilarious.

This is the entertaining minute a canine is discovered moving to a trancelike beat. Wendy Berenguer, from Naples, Florida, had chosen to put on some quieting Puetro Rican reggaeton music at her home.

Be that as it may, going into the kitchen, she gets her beagle, Bailey, moving energetically to the beat of the tune, a lot to her amusement.Wendy shared the video of her beagle’s apparently off the cuff kitchen groove on her Facebook page for the world to see the pooch’s great aptitudes.

In the recording, the pooch can be seen sitting up and contorting from side to side alongside the musicality of the reggaeton track, which began in Puerto Rico during the 1990s.

As the pooch sees that it’s being shot, it briefly stops, alters into another position and continues swaying its tail and shaking its paws. The recording has since turned into a web sensation, with 15 million individuals seeing the capable canine’s moves.But hound proprietor Wendy may be profiting by something beyond a viral video because of the pooch’s diverting moving.

A few logical overviews have demonstrated that owning a pooch is useful for your heart since they urge you to be more advantageous and lessen pressure.

Specialists at St Anne’s University Hospital Brno, who as of late dissected the soundness of several individuals found the individuals who had a fuzzy companion, saw hound proprietors were more probable as physically dynamic, and furthermore have a superior eating regimen.

In the video presented on Facebook, Bailey sits on his rear legs and shakes and bends with the beat.

From the outset he doesn’t see Wendy behind him – he’s too caught up with playing around with grandmother.

Be that as it may, when he sees, he pivots and starts to move again however at a superior plot for mother to get everything on record!

Reggaeton is a music move style that began in Puerto Rico and is a fun blend of rap and tune.

For Bailey’s family, his moves make them chuckle and grin.After posting the video, it went viral and has so far been viewed more than 1.3 million times. Viewers are in love with Bailey, calling him “too cute” and saying he’s their “spirit animal”.

Watch Bailey and his Reggeaton moves in the video below!

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