Dog Keeps Rolling Car Window Down After Owner Rolls It Up

We warn you that you might want to turn your sound down for this video. The sound of the wind rushing through the car is a little loud. Otherwise, it is totally cute clip. A white and brown dog sits in the passenger seat of a car with toys on the dashboard in front of him. The dog doesn’t really care about the toys and instead hits the switch that rolls the car window down. After a moment, the driver rolls the window back up.

Our dog passenger looks back at his owner slightly miffed and proceeds to roll the window back down.There’s nothing like going on a road trip with your best buddy – as long as you can agree on what type of music to listen to and whether you like the windows up or down. This large dog doesn’t seem concerned with the radio station, and he doesn’t seem the slightest bit interested in the variety of toys on the dashboard in front of him.

The only thing he wants is to have his window open so that he can better appreciate the sights and smells of the world passing by outside. Every time the driver puts the window back up, the dog turns around and gives them major side eye before turning back toward the window and pawing at the switch that lowers the window until it goes back down. The noise from the wind can be a bit loud, so make sure your speakers or headphones aren’t turned up too high. Otherwise, enjoy this video of a dog who just must have things his way!

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