Dad Babysits Daughter’s Dog, Keeps Her Updated With Cute Texts From Pup

Leaving your dependent can be challenging, even if it is a dog and not a child. Owners worry that the pup is eating and sleeping okay, just like a parent would. And there is also concern that the “babysitter” is doing ok, enjoying the dog rather than hating the responsibility.  Meghan Specksgoor, of Midlothian, Virginia recently experienced these rounds of emotions. She had to be separated from her bestie – her dog, Chance.

So she left him in the care of her father, Larry, while she took a trip to New York. Larry did a great job at keeping Meghan calm about being apart from her dog. Not only did he take good care of the four-year-old German Shepherd, they actually had a ton of fun together! And Larry chronicled the adventure via texts to his daughter.

Meghan was overjoyed by this and she got some good laughs. She decided to share them on her Twitter account because it was so entertaining and sweet. With over 50K retweets, it’s obvious that people of all ages loved watching this story unfold. In his first text, Larry wrote to his daughter, “Grandpa wants to know what kind of take-out I can have?

We are starving.” “Hate to keep bothering you mom, but we really need to hang out with gramps more,” Larry wrote in another text, with a picture of Chance enjoying time with his grandpa at the park.

After their dinner and picnic at the park, Larry took him to get his nails clipped and then rewarded him with some sugar-free frozen yogurt. At the end of a long, exciting day, Larry let Chance sleep with him in his comfy bed. From the looks of it, Chance loved hanging out with his grandpa and was completely spoiled!

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