Local Burger King Brings Joy To Dog By Giving Him Free Burgers

Alec Karcher was devastated when he discovered that his 10-year-old pooch, Cody, had malignant growth. The vet said the senior little guy just had a couple of months to live, so Alec needed to ensure his last days were loaded up with adoration, treats, and joy. As a feature of the arrangement to make the canine’s last days as positive as could be expected under the circumstances, the Karcher family chose to give Cody a plain cheeseburger consistently alongside his medication.


Some days, Cody’s adoring family would make his every day burger at home, only the manner in which he prefers it. However, on others, they gave him an additional exceptional treat by grabbing a cheap food burger for their four-legged closest companion. On July 15, Alec ceased at a Burger King to get Cody’s burger, yet what occurred there contacted him somewhere down in his heart:

When Alec requested Cody’s plain cheeseburger, one of the Burger King workers inquired as to why he didn’t need any toppings on it. In the wake of hearing the tragic story, the worker went to discover her administrator. At the point when the benevolent representative returned, she revealed to Alec that the supervisor and the remainder of the staff at the Burger King need to give Cody free cheeseburgers for an incredible remainder.

“I can’t clarify how much that way to us, and my family and I are past grateful. S/o to the representatives at the Burger King on Alexis Rd in Toledo, OH for being the best around,” Alec posted in a Tweet.


The internet has fallen in love with Cody, the Karchers, and the very special fast food restaurant that wanted to make a dying dog just a little bit happier. The Burger King even responded to Karcher’s thanks by saying, “The world needs more kindness and empathy. Thank you for giving us the chance to do this for Cody.” Nothing will ease the pain of eventually losing Cody to his battle with cancer, but at least the sweet pup will know he is appreciated, loved, and cared for in his final days. Thank you to Burger King and the Karcher family for caring so much about a sick dog!

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