Dog Overreacts After Getting A Shot

While most pets fall down in dread at the possibility of a vet-visit, Sawyer the canine has a completely unique demeanor. Sawyer’s mother supposes he is a keen go getter, and in the wake of watching this video, we really wanted to concur!

This video starts with Sawyer hanging tight to get his shot. He holds up persistently, and honestly looks on as the vet manages his shot. The majority of this goes on easily, and we are eased that the most exceedingly bad is over for Sawyer. In any case, the brilliant hide ball has different plans! Inside a couple of minutes, we see Sawyer show his best showy execution, as he cries and whimpers with outstanding flawlessness. Sawyer hysterically runs to every corner of the room, thumping and twitching, as if his life depended on it!

Mom confesses that this is a part of Sawyer’s brilliant scheme to milk out his vet-visit. From past experiences, he is well aware that Mom gives him treats every time he goes on one of his over-dramatic moaning trips! What a hoot! Click the video below to watch Sawyer overreact hilariously to manipulate his mom for treats! What do you think about it?

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