Clever Cat Figures Out How To Knock On Door To Get His Humans To Let Him In

Some cats are genuinely clever as Sheekilah Jones witnessed firsthand while waiting to catch her bus to work the other day. It was early in the morning when she heard an insistent knocking and looked around. That’s when she saw a cat at a doorway. The cat was balancing on a handrail and looking around.

At first Jones didn’t know what the cat was doing.

But much to her surprise the cat reached upward and pawed the knocker. It seems the clever cat knew exactly how to signal his humans to be let back indoors.

Jones immediately whipped out her camera to film what she was seeing, knowing she’d need evidence when relating her story to others. And that video instantly went viral, getting millions of views from others, who also are marveling at the cat’s ingenuity. Check out the clever kitty’s

Sadly, Jones’ bus arrived before she could see the cat being let inside but I’m guessing that this cat not only knows how to knock, but to knock twice. The cat at the door is far more polite than the kitty in the following video who has a very insistent way of letting his owners to let him in. But he too gets his message across.

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