Dog Spots A Tater Tot On The Countertop, But It’s The Audio That’ll Have You Rolling

One of the most infuriating feelings is having something just out of reach, so close and yet so far. This poor dog has just learned how frustrating it can be, because a tater tot is sitting in the middle of the kitchen counter, and his front legs are just a bit too short to reach it! But what makes this video so hilarious is the witty voiceover by Chris Cohen, who translates what the dog is thinking for us to hear!

Apparently, the poor pup is coming up with various strategies that he can use to get at the delicious snack, which he’s certainly very desperate to get a taste of. Let’s hope his Mommy doesn’t catch him… I don’t want to spoil the video for you – it’ll be much funnier if you watch everything unfold as it goes along!

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