Mama Dog & Son Reunite In New Home Months

Freedom and Floyd, a mother and child team, were protected from what volunteers call “Inferno Island.” It is a little, dry, uninhabited real estate parcel in the Aegean ocean in Greece, that has tragically turned into a dumping ground for undesirable pets.Liberty and Floyd were left there, tied up in the warmth with no sustenance or water.

Fortunately, SCARS volunteers spotted them before it was past the point of no return. The mutts were glad to get loads of taps, which was most likely the first occasion when they felt the adoring pinch of a human in years.They liberated the little guys and carried them to a center, where they were encouraged, washed and given drug.

The mom canine and her child were currently on their way to a fresh out of the plastic new existence with another opportunity. They were taken in by an encourage who they completely venerated.

It was there that they got to sit outside and watch the sunset, and sleep in a real bed for the first time.A family adopted Floyd, and a few months later, decided to adopt his mom as well! They are now reunited and living together in Holland in their loving new home.

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