Giant Pit Bull Hulk’s $500,000 Puppy Litter

One dog is earning his owners a huge paycheck, all because of his new litter. They are the cutest things in the world, and they are worth roughly $500,000.

Hulk is an enormous pit but who weighs 175 pounds. This dog has recently become father to the cutest litter ever. These little puppies look just like dad – only tiny. Hulk is already famous for his size, and his pups are already gaining a name of their own. This dog absolutely loves spending time with his mini versions of himself. “Hulk loves the puppies,” shared Lisa, Hulk’s human mom. “He’s such a big baby with them, he’ll lay down, lick them, he’s an awesome dad.”

Hulks owners love spending time with him. They can’t get enough of the sweet dog, and they love showing him off.

The couple even feels comfortable having the dog around their 3-year-old son. Some people might question the safety of leaving a little boy around such big dogs, but his parents have reassured us that their son is completely safe.

“We know what we’re doing,” Lisa explained. “We do this every day, we live this every day. Our son is very safe around these dogs and what we do.”

Not only is the boy comfortable around Hulk, he is even starting to help train him. He wears a special sleeve that the dog can bite without hurting him. The huge dog can still overpower the boy, but he always takes care to be gentle.

Hulk is a legend for his size, and his latest puppies are absolutely adorable. Some of them may even grow up to be close to their dad’s size. Still, the world is unlikely to see a pit bull like Hulk again in the near future.

The big dog is still only a puppy. He hasn’t even reached his third birthday, and he will continue to grow until then. This is going to be one enormous dog.

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