Mom Didn’t Listen To Warnings, Let Kitten Near Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are believed to be an unnerving breed for their supposed ‘horrible and forceful’ personality. Individuals regularly caution against letting little, unprotected pets close Pit Bulls.

This video manages the funny fallout of such ‘untrustworthy’ activities! In this video, a little cat is by all accounts keen on moving over a Pit Bull. The little cat is scarcely the extent of the Pit Bull’s face, however that doesn’t prevent her from energetically tearing and pawing the quiet Pit Bull. The Pit Bull just wants to mind his own business, and lays down to rest. But the ‘ferocious’ kitty is keen on ‘picking a fight.’ She inititates multiple attacks on the poor Pit Bull, but the Pit Bull meekly takes it all in, and even begs the kitty to stop!

But the kitty just loves playing rough with her giant canine buddy! She puts her head in the Pit Bull’s mouth, and teases him to play. We’ve learned that both the kitty and the Pit Bull are best friends, but have opposite temperaments when it comes to playing! We hope the Pit Bull survived the savage-cute attack from his tiny friend! Click the video below to watch the kitty cornering the poor Pit Bull with her cute attacks!

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