Puppy Escapes From Home, Rings Doorbell to Get Back Inside

Imagine hearing a knock at your front door, and when you go to answer it, it’s your own dog. Sounds like TV show territory to me. That happened to Greg Basel… and his home security camera caught the whole thing. Greg’s dog, Marshall, figured out how to get back in the house after he escaped earlier this week. Watch him approach Greg’s door and appear to knock on it with his nose, which we can hear.

It sounds just like it would if you or I were knocking. He then rang the doorbell with his nose as well, in case the knock wasn’t heard, as any practical being would do to get the point across. “Dad, I’m ready to come back inside now!”Greg Basel’s home security camera revealed that his dog, Marshall, knew exactly how to get back inside the house after he escaped on September 25.

Marshall can be seen approaching Basel’s front door and ringing the doorbell with his nose to let Dad know that he was ready to come back inside! A Golden Retriever puppy who escaped his home adorably rang the door to get let back inside.

Marshall, the 3-month-old pup living in Spokane, Washington, got out of the house but instead of running off, he tried to get back in by knocking on the front door. Dog owner Greg Basel shared video from his home security system that shows Marshall knocking or “pawing” at the door to let his family know that he is ready to come back inside.


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