The Dogs Are Arguing When The Pup Turns Around And Rips A Fart In The Corgi’s Face

It appears to be regardless of the species, kin contentions are dependably a thing. Kin adore one another and never mean to hurt each other, however there’s only something about being siblings and sisters that draws out the squabbles! Take these two canines for example… Mac the Corgi and his new sister, Lacie, are grinding away and yelping their heads off.

In any case, there’s one thing that Mac doesn’t yet acknowledge — his new little dog kin plays dirty!The hounds are up close and personal and howling like there’s no tomorrow. Clearly Lacie begins to lose the contention, since her best course of action stinks of franticness.It seems no matter the species, sibling arguments are always a thing. Siblings love each other and never mean to hurt one another, but there’s just something about being brothers and sisters that brings out the quarrels!

Take these two dogs for instance…Mac the Corgi and his new sister, Lacie, are going at it and barking their heads off. But there’s one thing that Mac doesn’t yet realize — his new puppy sibling plays dirty!The dogs are face to face and yipping like crazy. Apparently Lacie starts to lose the argument, because her next move reeks of desperation.

The puppy turns around and farts right in the Corgi’s face!Mac’s reaction is just priceless! He turns to the camera with a “what just happened?” kind of look on his face. It’s safe to say he didn’t appreciate that move one bit!

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