Dog Goes Berserk, Smells Dad On Other Side Of Door After 9 Months Apart

Gabriel Carlos and his better half, Charrette Padilla, got a delightful puppy named Benny as a wedding blessing two years back.

While the family moved from state to state in view of Gabriel’s activity in the military, they kept Benny close by through everything. Benny is a relative to them and has built up an extraordinary bond with Gabriel.So when it was the ideal opportunity for Gabriel to convey to South Korea for nine months, it was challenging for the them two to be separated. About a year after his arrangement, it was at long last time for Gabriel to return home to rejoin with his significant other and fuzzy closest companion.

Gabriel was ecstatic to see his “Benny boy” again and told Good Morning America that people say that Benny is the dog version of him.

Charrette went to pick Gabriel up and went straight home to see Benny. Once Gabriel walked in the door, Benny was so happy that he couldn’t contain his excitement. He greeted his human with tail wags and kisses.

Luckily, Charrette recorded the heartwarming reunion for all of us to see, which you can watch below!


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