Woman Took Care Of Dog For Over A Year, Able To Take Her Home

Laura Seymour initially observed Takia a year prior. The Akita hound was tied up to a doghouse at a neighbor’s home.

She quickly saw that the canine didn’t have nourishment or water in her bowl. In spite of the pooch’s size and the reality they were outsiders, Seymour chose to present herself. She was astounded that the canine was cordial and respectful.

She started a standard everyday practice, visiting Takia three times each week to give her nourishment and water. As their fellowship developed, so did Seymour’s anxiety.

Takia was left outside day and night, in the heavy storm, unpleasant cold and burning summers in Virginia. She became so attached to Takia she thought of taking her to spare the affixed canine from her wretchedness.

Be that as it may, Seymour realized that wasn’t the course to take. So she called creature control, however the officials got back to her to reveal to her that as long as Takia had nourishment, water and sanctuary, she wasn’t really being disregarded. In any case, Seymour kept on visiting Takia for an entire year to guarantee Takia was dealt with.

At that point, in the mid year, worried for Takia’s welfare in the sweltering climate, Seymour brought her mom over to acquaint her with Takia. Seymour’s mom urged her to call creature control once more. The following day, Seymour heard the news she had been aching to hear. Takia’s proprietor had given up her.

They inquired as to whether she realized somebody ready to receive Takia, and obviously, Seymour quickly volunteered. Another neighbor remarked on the video and was appreciative for Seymour’s consideration and steadiness.

“I am so happy [Seymour] got her!” composed the neighbor on YouTube.“I live next door and we also fed her and called animal control and they would tell us the same thing about the house. My husband would bring her food and water and my sister-in-law across the street would too. So animal control must have thought the owner was, but they never did.”

These days, Takia no longer sleeps in the mud but on a comfy dog bed. She’s free to roam and play and be a dog. And of course, she gets a lot of love. “There’s just something about her, I got super lucky, I really did,” Seymour told The Dodo Soulmates in the video below. “It’s like, 100 per cent she is so appreciative of everything.”

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