Dog Acts Invisible When Caught In Swimming Pool

On the off chance that Baxter the canine had a signature melody, it would be, “I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me.” This pooch simply needed to appreciate a late spring’s day by taking a restful swim in the inflatable pool. He was sprinkling, dousing up the sun, and having an excellent bygone era when abruptly… his state of mind changes, what happens next is anyone’s guess, and he is totally busted.

His father caught the now-popular video and it is a finished ROFLMAO minute for everybody who sees it. Envision having a pleasant cool swim and skipping in the pool, the one try not to be in without anyone else, when your father tags along and gets you. Oh goodness, Baxter is stuck in an unfortunate situation however he attempts to pull off it. His tricks are a finished mob.

The moment the dog sees his dad filming, he stares and then appears to ‘pour’ himself out of the pool. And then… things get even funnier! He then proceeds to ‘hide’ behind a bush in the yard as if he isn’t there and even back-talks and barks at his dad.

The Internet is cracking up with this cool dose of doggy humor. Take a peek at the video that has been viewed close to 10 million times!



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