Sheriff’s Office Seizes Nearly 60 Dogs From Family Owned Dog Breeder

There’s in no way like the day a disregarded pooch is pulled from its life of hopelessness and assumed to a position where it can have a sense of security. Pooches are very clever and can educate when it’s everything regarding to change for them. In the video beneath, a mishandled and dismissed little guy was simply taken from his life on a chain, and he responds in the best way.

The appreciative canine can detect this is his opportunity ride, and he thanks his rescuer by covering his face in her arm and afterward delicately setting his paw over her hand. The rescuer is so moved by everything that she can’t battle back the tears.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office posted a Facebook update, sharing that 49-year-old Cora Gooding was arrested and issued a criminal citation for animal neglect in the second degree and for standards of care applicable to dog breeders.

A local veterinarian examined each dog, and the local humane society transported the animals to their facilities until the outcome of the criminal case.

When people seek the services of a breeder, they expect to receive a dog who is healthy and living in clean, humane conditions. Thanks to the authorities, these pups are getting the care they deserve.

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