Cat-Loving Pittie Finally Gets The Feline Family He’s Always Wanted In Life

Ozzy the Pit Bull was initially embraced by a family in southern California of three children, two grown-ups, and a feline named Norm. The canine had dependably appeared in and taken to the feline, yet the inclination wasn’t common.

The neighborly Pittie did all that he could to get to know Norm, however the feline wouldn’t have it. In spite of not getting the kinship he looked for from the feline, Ozzy still lived a remarkable life and had bunches of things to possess his time.

He completely worships the children and is friendly to the point that he keeps running up to any infant kid buggy he sees and needs to give kisses! However, soon Ozzy would get what he’s constantly needed… Jennifer Lajeniss took in a pregnant feline from the area named Winnie.

Jennifer ended up worried for the stray subsequent to seeing it in the city for such a long time.

At the point when Winnie brought forth five cats, Ozzy was incandescently happy!

Finally, the kitten family he’s always wanted! Ozzy is the best uncle and becomes concerned anytime he hears some crying and proceeds to comfort them.

The kittens, and Mama, also love their Pit Bull uncle! She seems grateful for him helping to care for her babies. She often rubs up against Ozzy to thank him.

Four of the kittens would eventually go up for adoption, but Winnie and Troublemaker were here to stay!

Ozzy will continue to live with his feline family, and he wouldn’t have it any other way!

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