Bus Station Shelters Dogs From The Cold

Every once in a while you’ll see a person taking shelter from the cold in a heated bus stop. Sometimes this is allowed, other times it isn’t. But you probably never seen a dog cozied up at a bus station unless you’ve been to the Barreirinha bus terminal in south Brazil.

A few street dogs were allowed to take refuge from the cold inside the Curitiba bus station in cozy little beds made from blankets and tires. It’s unknown whether the dogs were abandoned or if they were homeless, but they were welcome at the Barreirinha bus terminal. The terminal’s employees found it in their hearts to let the doggies rest at the bus station and even named them Max, Pitoco, and Zoinho.

The employees created beds for their cute little dogs and made sure they were fed and hydrated. Now, these puppies, who were previously homeless and left out in the cold, are living it up. They have shelter, water, food, and lots of people to adore them.

Look at this face! I might ride the bus just to see a face like this every day.


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