Shark Tries To Eat Tiny Dog, Entire Pack Rushes In To Save Dog

An interesting video of a shark attack on a dog has surfaced on Twitter. The video shows how a pack of dogs rush in to the rescue when their friend is attacked by the hungry shark and faces certain death.When it comes to physical prowess, a dog is no match for a shark. The shark in this video spots a tiny dog and decides to have him for lunch.

The shark approaches the dog and gets control over the dog in one swift move. The victim dog lets out fearful cries of pain, and his friends in the neighborhood are quick to catch on. Within seconds, a whole pack of dogs come running into the water and descend upon the surprised shark. They charge fearlessly at the shark, ambushing him from all angles.

Their incessant barks and herd-power shocks the shark and drives him into a state of panic. He quickly concedes and retreats, leaving the victim dog rattled, but unhurt.It is interesting to note that the dogs’ strategy to drive away the shark was to rattle the predator up. The dogs caught him off-guard and cornered him, which tricked the shark into feeling helpless. The daring dogs have once again showed us that it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters! Go doggies! Click the video below to watch this incredible encounter between the shark and the brave dogs!


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