The First Sea Creature You See Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

#1 The Crab

If the crab was the first sea creature you spotted then you’re upbeat and optimistic. On the flip side, you cry at movies and sad tv commercials but know when to wipe those tears away and put on a smile.

For you to consider a bad day a bad day, then it really has to be a bad day. You do not exaggerate! And you rarely (if ever) pity yourself.

#2 The Seahorse

If the seahorse immediately caught your eye then you are a bit on the sensitive side. You can take a joke but if it feels like it’s gone too far, you will get offended.

This makes you very in tune with what others are feeling around you. So much so that you often put friends and family above yourself.

#3 The Jellyfish

If you saw the jellyfish first, chances are you love keeping things simple and LOVE the outdoors. Your idea of a kick-ass vacation is camping (or glamping!) You find beauty in nature; going for a good hike beats burning off calories at the gym any day.

Your friends consider you to be the most stable and often go to you for level-headed advice.

#4 The Whale

If you saw the whale first then you are a detail-oriented person. You take pride in your home and your overall style. Friends often come to you first for fashion/decor advice.

While you take pride in what you wear and how your home looks, you’re far from shallow. You are first to donate to a good cause and lend a hand to a soul in need.

#5 The Fish 

If the fish were the first to catch your eye then you are a go-getter with high intelligence. Some consider you to be a workaholic but you don’t because you enjoy what you do so much. You also know when to work and when to have fun.

Your passion is your friends and family. You may work a lot but you will always drop everything if someone you love needs you, no questions asked!

#6 The Other Fish 

If you saw these fish first then you are a deep thinker who seems calm and collected, but behind closed doors, you have a tendency to let your emotions get the best of you. The people closest to you consider you to be overly sensitive at times, while the people you keep at arm’s length consider you to be tough as nails.

You also love a good party you don’t have to host, where you can unwind and enjoy those around you.

#7 The Octopus

Did you see the octopus first? If so, you are fiercely loyal and honest. On the flipside, you expect the same in return. If someone has deceived you, you find it hard to forgive them.

Your friends consider you to be the dependable one which can be overwhelming at times. People tend to come to you for advice and favors and you ask for little in return. You crave peace and quiet but rarely get it.


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