Dad Set Up Night-Cam And Captures Pit Bull Acting Funny At 5 AM

This is our pet “The Grey Dog”, or for short we just call her Grey. She has this habit of meowing for attention in the morning so I set up a camera in night shot mode to capture the cute routine. Please don’t worry about her needing us to let her outside…she has a dog door and full access to the backyard so this is just to get some attention or for some play time.

The Grey Dog, or Grey for short, is an adorable pit bull who really likes attention. And by really like, we mean wake you up at the crack of dawn to get a “good morning” and play with you kind of attention. Even though we like our sleep, we can’t really blame Grey. She’s just so cute. We would want attention if we were that cute too! Instead of being angry at her, her owner has just learned to be patient.

She’s turned him into an early riser. And even though we like our beauty sleep, we would wake up early for her too. She’s also not like other dog alarm clock. You know the kind that just get louder and louder? She comes with a snooze button! Every few minutes she’ll come check up on her owner, and if he isn’t ready he’ll just put her in snooze mode. We wish our doggy alarm clocks came with that feature!

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