Woman Spots Her Missing Dog On TV Show

Lucy Fraustro adopted her sweet pit bull Dodger when he was just a puppy. She loved Dodger and her other dog Gigi more than anything. And so, when the two dogs vanished from her yard in October 2015, she was absolutely devastated.

Fraustro and her companions scoured the area, searching for the mutts, however they had no luckiness. “I thought I’d never observe my pooches again,” Fraustro revealed to The Dodo. “When they cleared out, they took a bit of my heart with them. I never supplanted my puppies in light of the fact that losing them was excessively excruciating.”

What Fraustro didn’t know was that the canines had wound up at the Los Angeles Animal Services protect. Closest Friends Animal Society went by the sanctuary and chose to bring Dodger into their protect. Closest Friends imagines that Gigi was probably received into another home, where she’s ideally extremely upbeat. Dodger remained with Best Friends Animal Society for a long time. Despite the fact that the canine was well disposed, Best Friends couldn’t discover an adopter for him. “He’s the sweetest canine on the planet — only an aggregate lovebird,” Danny Bress, a volunteer, best case scenario Friends, disclosed to The Dodo. “You take him for a walk and when you return you fundamentally need to nestle with him for no less than 15 minutes.”

In July 2018, Best Friends decided to do a week of free adoptions. To promote this event, they went on the talk show “Good Day LA.” They also brought a few adoptable dogs with them, including Dodger.

Lucy Fraustro happened to be watching “Good Day LA” at just the right time. When she saw Dodger on the show, she couldn’t believe it! Fraustro immediately went onto Best Friends’ website and looked at the photos they had of Dodger. Then, she was sure he was her dog. “After comparing pictures, I knew I had to pay them a visit,” Fraustro said. “I drove almost an hour to get there. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole way over.”

Best Friends Animal Society hopes that this story will help owners understand how important it is to microchip your dog. There are many people who don’t realize how important it is to microchip dogs, even loving owners like Fraustro. Best Friends is working to educate new dog owners on the importance of microchips. They also helped Fraustro get Dodger microchipped. Now, she’ll never have to worry about losing track of him again!

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