Woman loses husband, goes to shelter and asks for least adoptable dog

72-year-old grandmother Melani Andrews from California wanted to adopt a dog at her local shelter, but she had already made up her mind before she even entered the building. Melani wanted to adopt the dog that nobody else wanted to bring home.

Melani was going through a rough period in her life, as she tragically lost her husband. Some time later, her pet Lola, a Staffordshire terrier, also passed away. Melani’s grandkids convinced her that she could use a new family member to keep her company.

When Melani spotted the 12-year-old terrier Jake, she instantly fell in love. The dog was brought in as a stray a couple of months earlier.

The two best friends are treasuring every moment they can spend together, even if that time is limited.  In a way, you could say that Melani not only rescued Jake, but Jake rescued Melani as well.

Bobby Mann, who works as a relations coordinator for the shelter, was delighted to hear that their oldest pup finally received the love that he rightfully deserved.

Jake was still a bit nervous when Melani adopted him, and barked his caretakers goodbye. After a couple of minutes, the pup was completely comfortable being around Melani and settled in perfectly.

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