Man Tries To Stop His Dog From Sleeping In His Bed

It’s no mystery how much dogs love to sleep in the same beds as their humans. Whether it’s because of their puppy-pile pack instinct or because they simply like to cuddle, if they can share the bed with you, they will.

One canine proprietor found, nonetheless, this can some of the time mean not getting much rest.

Dan Huang is a Golden Retriever who is dealt with all around sweetly by his father human. In this adorable video, father is frequently squished to the divider by his cuddly canine. To such an extent that he can’t turn over!

So with an end goal to rest in more solace he buys a huge canine bed and puts it directly by his. His pooch is somewhat befuddled by the entire thing.One dog owner discovered, however, that this can sometimes mean not getting much sleep.

Dan Huang is a Golden Retriever who is treated very sweetly by his dad human. In this cute video, dad is often squished to the wall by his cuddly canine. So much so that he can’t even turn over! So in an effort to sleep in more comfort he purchases a large dog bed and puts it right next to his. His dog is a bit confused by the whole thing.

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