Lost Dog Can’t Find Her Way Home For 6 Days, Cries Real Tears When Owner Finally Finds Her

Consistently, Xian-Mao runs with her proprietor to the market. This is something they want to do together! It is normally genuinely uneventful, simply going and getting back home. Notwithstanding, this time something turned out badly. Close by to where Xian-Mao and her proprietor were, somebody set off firecrackers. She got super frightened and took off running, however the other way of her proprietor.

When she backed sufficiently off to regain some composure and get to know her environment, she understood that she was completely lost. She had no idea how to make her way back home. The days went by slowly and sadly. Xian-Mao was all alone for SIX DAYS! She kept walking until she finally recognized where she was. Thankfully, her owner had spread the word that the beloved dog went missing. So when one of them saw her, they quickly ran to her and called her owner. He came immediately! The moment the little dog saw him, it was like a child seeing their parent for the first time in a week! Xian-Mao actually cried. She didn’t stop right away either. She was so overwhelmed with emotion! This story ended well, but let it be a reminder to use leashes when in public places. You can never be too careful with these sweet furbabies that have entrusted their lives to us.

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