Senior Dog Was Stolen From Parking Lot, Inconsolable Dad Offers $10000 Reward

New Mexican man Buddy DeLong was inside an eatery, when his Chevy pickup truck was stolen from the eatery’s parking area. However, for Buddy, it was considerably all the more awful, as his senior Terrier blend hound named Jack was inside the truck.Jack has been Buddy’s consistent friend for a long time, and he thinks that its difficult to work without him.

Pal is crushed at the loss of Jack, and is hysterically searching for him. The police are exploring, however there are no leads. Along these lines, Buddy has reported a reward of $10,000, for any assistance in finding Jack. It has been 3 weeks now, and even with different tips pouring in, nothing productive has come up.

Buddy is losing hope by the hour, as the fear of the safety and well being of Jack nags his heart. We hope Jack is found and returned soon.Update: We are happy to share that Jack has been tracked, and is finally coming home! Apparently, a tip from someone led Buddy to his truck, and a man named Jamie Enriquez. Jack was later found to be with Jamie’s girlfriend in Albuquerque. He is being transported back home. Jamie is now behind bars, and has been charged for theft. What do you think?

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