Rescuers Save Homeless Newfoundland, And Now He Has A Career Spreading Smiles

Newfoundlands are known to be gentle giants, so seeing a gentle giant abandoned on the roadside is a sad scene to witness. Hope For Paws got a call about an abandoned Newfie and they arrived on the scene to find a big black dog who looked exhausted.

This canine had an emaciated casing under his thick hide and was drained from his time in the city under the hot sun. They named him Everest. After his salvage, Everest felt so loose from all the spoiling that he actually began to slobber while being washed! How charming is that?! As Everest was recovering his ricochet, a stunning appropriation opportunity arrived that appeared customized for him.

The Hope For Paws group quickly packaged Everest up and flew him down to Redmond, Oregon to meet his new family. They realized they’d settled on the correct decision when they saw Everest come back to his spirited young doggie days as he skipped in the snow with his new doggy kin.

The cherry on top is that Everest will now get to train to be a service dog and will soon be putting smiles on the faces of ailing children! If you’d like to help other beautiful dogs like Everest get a second chance, check out Hope For Paws. Play the video below to watch Everest’s amazing transformation.

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