Dog Left At Shelter Because Owner Is Having Another Baby

Freshy cherished everything about his enormous, uproarious family. He adored hanging out with his proprietor’s four kids, and he likewise delighted in playing with the family’s two different canines and their feline. Freshy wanted to indicate friendship, and he was a major devotee of giving kisses! In October 2018, Freshy’s mother learned she was pregnant with her fifth tyke.

Freshy’s proprietors chosen that their home was too full, and they needed to dispose of one pooch. Since two-year-old Freshy was the most youthful and the most uproarious, they chose to surrender him. They dumped him at a high-murder protect in Brooklyn, a place where he had a decent shot of being put down.As Freshy looked around his kennel, his normal cheerful expression melted away. It was replaced by a fearful look—Freshy seemed to realize that he wasn’t going home again. The shelter volunteers fell in love with friendly Freshy, and they desperately wanted to get him to safety.

One volunteer, Julie Carner, posted about Freshy on her Facebook page, hoping someone would come and save him before he was put down. “Freshy loves to be hugged and held, enjoys slow walks around the neighborhood and his favorite games include fetch and tug,” Carner wrote. “When it comes to things you’d look for in a dog, Freshy seems to check all the boxes. The only empty box he has is a happy, loving home. Could it be yours?”

Freshy was due to be put down on October 11, 2018 at 5:00 PM. Miraculously, a rescue group called Eleventh Hour Rescue heard about Freshy just hours before this happened. The group frantically called the shelter, saying they would take the sweet pup in.At 4:59 PM, Alana Guerrini, a foster carer with Eleventh Hour Rescue, received a call from the shelter.

They said she could take Freshy. Guerrini and her son headed to the shelter and picked up the pit bull—Eleventh Hour Rescue decided to rename him Stormy. On the car ride to Guerrini’s house, Stormy sat in Guerrini’s son’s lap. The dog was so happy to be out of the shelter!


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