Cooper Always Has To Have His Ice Cream After Daisy

Everyone loves ice cream, and it’s even a popular treat among our dog friends (along with just about everything else!). Some pet owners will take their dogs to the drive-thru and buy them a snack of their own.

In the video below, Mom took Cooper and Daisy to McDonald’s and bought an ice cream cone for the two to split. As always, Daisy has to have her portion first. And there’s good reason for that. As soon as Daisy has had her share, Mom puts the cone in front of Cooper. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Everybody cherishes frozen yogurt, and it’s even a prominent treat among our canine companions (alongside pretty much everything else!). Some pet proprietors will take their canines to the drive-through and get them their very own nibble.

In the video underneath, Mom took Cooper and Daisy to McDonald’s and purchased a gelato for the two to part. As usual, Daisy must have her bit first. What’s more, there’s valid justification for that.

When Daisy has had her offer, Mom puts the cone before Cooper. Try not to flicker or you’ll miss it! What do you think about it, let us know if your dog does the same.

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