Couple Takes In Starving Dog Only To Watch Him Transform Before Their Very Eyes

In November 2015, a couple had heard news of a stray husky wandering around the neighbourhood and decided to investigate. They later found the husky and realized that it was afraid of men. They named him Wulfgar and immediately took him to the vet. He had a severe case of mange and seemed to be suffering for months.

This skin condition was responsible for the loss of fur and the red patches on him. He was also underweight for a husky. He was brought home after the check-up and easily adapted into a crate.It took time for Wulfgar to adapt to his new surroundings. He was so exhausted that he took naps anywhere in the house! About two weeks into his stay, he started to appreciate the dog treats. This was his first visit to a dog park.

He had fallen into a pond and gotten himself wet! He simply shook the water off his fur and posed for the camera. Some dogs were not so friendly to Wulfgar but that did not stop him from socializing. He got along well with another husky who belonged to the couple’s relatives.In this photo, Wulfgar tries to get the other husky to play by “play-bowing”.


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