Man Leaves Dog At Shelter Because She’s ‘Too Affectionate’

Meet Jubilee: a sweet pooch who was given up to a creature cover since she adored too much.Back in 2015, one-year-old Jubilee was received from a creature cover in Texas and went to live with her new proprietor. Be that as it may, it turned out, Jubilee’s first proprietor wasn’t exactly an ideal choice for her. The little guy had some tension issues, and she was very clingy.


Thus, the proprietor chose to take the little guy back to the safe house. An article was shared on Facebook that said Jubilee’s surrendered her since she was excessively warm. The article rapidly turned into a web sensation—numerous individuals were angry with the proprietor for surrendering the pooch basically in light of the fact that she adored him.After the article became famous online, Minda Emas Harris, the salvage facilitator for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, said that there were more reasons why Jubilee’s proprietor gave up her.

“He had an entire rundown of different explanations behind handing her over: ate his couch, bit a baseboard, a pad, and so on.,” Minda Emas Harris said to HuffPost. “He carried her to a safe house, trusting we would do what we should do — discover her a home.

“Since Jubilee’s story had turned into a web sensation, it didn’t take long for her to locate another eternity home with proprietors who realized how to support a restless pooch.

Celebration’s new proprietor, Samantha Fewox, as of now had another little guy named Abby. Abby and Jubilee got along well, and Fewox gave the sweet puppy all the affection and care she merited. She likewise contracted a coach to help with Jubilee’s tension. “It touched me. She loved so much,” Samantha Fewox said. “I knew I was supposed to have her.”

Many other people also came to the shelter after seeing Jubilee’s story. When they learned Jubilee had already been adopted, they ended up taking home other pups in need!Fewox says that she’s grateful that Jubilee’s first owner gave the pup up, since doing that brought Jubilee into her life. “I am so thankful he made the decision to do that or we would not have this sweet little dog in our life,” she said.

Jubilee has now lived with Fewox for four years, and she’s doing great! The sweet dog loves her mom and her dog sister. She’s also very close with Fewox’s teenage son—the pup always loves cuddling with her human brother! In the end, Jubilee has ended up right where she belongs.

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