Dog Waits Nine Long Months For Baby Brother

It’s no secret that dogs are a man’s best friend – and these smart and kind Weimaraner pups were elated to welcome a new little human buddy in the family. Footage has surfaced of “Frame the Weim” and a sibling who are patiently and very eagerly awaiting the arrival of a little baby brother.

Most dog owner couples who decide to have a baby go through some anxious thoughts. There are plenty of stories out there about dogs who fail to be as gentle with their new baby siblings as their parents would have hoped.

This is a story about two Weimaraners who prove to meet the expectations and hopes of their parents. They waited patiently for nine long months for baby brother to be born, and now they won’t leave his side.

While some dogs might need some distance enforced between them and their baby siblings, these two dogs need no such thing!

They even guard this sweet baby as they all cuddle up and nap the afternoon away! How sweet is this?! This dog even wants to be snuggled up under a blanket with his new baby brother! This is the cutest thing!

Checking to make sure all is a-okay is this one’s self-appointed task. “Just making sure,” he says!

And a happy smile shows that the baby is as happy with the dogs as they are with him!

This dog is so patient, even with all the tugs a baby provides!

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