Dog Reunited with Family Gets So Happy After She Recognizes Their Scen

Pooches have a standout amongst the most grounded sentiment of smell in the arrangement all things considered. In addition, that feeling of smell came accommodating for little Maggie when she was finally rejoined with her family.Maggie had been missing for 19 months, and her family hadn’t the faintest idea in case they would ever watch her again.

In any case, as fate had it, one day they got a call from the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control, saying someone had procured a stray pooch, and the microchip range gave them the family’s contact nuances. A mother and her two young ladies rushed to the refuge, believing that it was Maggie that they found. They were energized that it was no ifs, ands or buts Maggie!

But something wasn’t right. Maggie didn’t appear to remember them. As Maggie holed up behind one of the asylum volunteers, her family could see the hardships she had experienced being without anyone else for very nearly 2 years.As you can see in this touching video, the lady from the shelter slowly brings Maggie closer and closer to her family.

Maggie is clearly scared and shy, but the mom extends her hand and lets Maggie sniff her. Maggie’s doggie sense of smell kicks in and she instantly recognizes her mom’s smell, even after being apart for 19 months! Incredible! Maggie’s happiness knows no bounds after finally reuniting with her family! Her sense of smell saved the day and brought tears of joy to our eyes! Click the video below to watch this amazing reunion video between Maggie and her family.

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