Dog Sings On America’s Got Talent, Receives Standing Ovation From Simon Cowell

Oscar, the Golden Retriever, and his mother, Pam, as of late performed on the prominent TV show ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Simon Cowell is a famously hard judge to inspire, and however Pam may have been anxious, Oscar appeared to be very loose. Oscar is an artist who wants to belt out notes while his human mother plays the piano.

A charming number without a doubt, however would it be sufficient to inspire Simon? Pam starts to play with Oscar sitting close by. It appears just as he perceives the music being played. While adorned in his fashion forward bow tie and musical note collar ensemble, he listens for the right moment and then he belts out a powerful “Arooo” as he tosses his head back. His timing was perfect!

The crowd and the judges, including Simon, are in awe. No one was left with a closed mouth as jaws dropped and hit the floor! Tyra Banks hosts the show and was shocked saying that the most amazing thing was how Oscar was on key. The audience explodes, but more unlikely, Simon gets to his feet for a standing ovation. This is something you have to see and hear to believe. Volume up for this one!

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