Shelter Dog Breaks Through 3 Doors To Look For Her Old Family

Dogs who are left at the shelter are often confused and hurt and want to get out! Ginger decided to help herself out of the shelter after being left by her owners. Ginger’s owner was no longer able to care for her and had surrendered Ginger to the Apple Valley Animal Shelter in California. Ginger decided to break out of the shelter and return to her old life with the owner she dearly loved. Ginger somehow managed to climb up to the top of her kennel.

She snuck through two doors after opening them Somehow and she ended up in the lobby. Finally, she dashed out the last door and was free! Ginger’s clever and determined escape was captured all on video. Which is a good thing because it no one would have believed it possible!

Three days after her escape, Ginger was found in her old neighborhood. She was wandering around the area in search of her owner. Apple Valley Animal Shelter is trying to find a rescue that can take Ginger in.

They hope that a rescue can help Ginger feel more secure and safe in her future home.Ginger has proven that she is a loving and very loyal dog. She would make a great addition to a home! If you are interested in adopting Ginger or another pet, go to and see what animals are available in your area! will search more than 16,000 shelters and rescues that may have the perfect pet for you!

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