Funny Mastiff Takes His Time Completing An Agility Course

Spryness is a developing canine game in the United States, with a huge number of passages consistently. Pooches race against a clock as they explore through a snag course with their best fixation and speed. Obviously, the pair that has the best time wins the challenge.

There are isolated classes for littler and bigger canines, so it is available to all breeds. In Denver, Colorado, a mammoth mastiff was one of the numerous rivals in a spryness rivalry during the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show on that day. All appeared to be well, until the clock really began. His proprietor quickly began the race by empowering and guiding him through the hindrances, however the goliath mastiff appeared to wouldn’t fret the way that it was planned.

Instead of trying his best to complete the course in his fastest time, the giant mastiff took his own sweet time trotting through the obstacles and didn’t seemed to be in a hurry to complete it! His owner tried to encourage him to go faster, but the giant mastiff ignored her and still maintained the same speed throughout the entire course. This funny scene amused the entire audience there, who gave him constant applause to show their support.

In the end, the giant mastiff managed to complete the course, which prompted rounds of applause and cheers from the audience. A video of his agility run was later uploaded online and went viral very quickly, check out the video below!

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