Military Dog Is Torn Away From Beloved Sergeant. 2 Years Later, She Hears Him Screaming Her Name


The bond between retired sergeant Jason Bos and his military dog, Cici, is really something special. They have been together in more than 100 missions… But, unfortunately, their lives went different ways! The man was devastated. However, almost two years later, they had the chance to meet again and have already melted hearts all over the world! Cici was in charge of detecting bombs and was on the military front line, protecting his companions from unforeseen dangers.


However, when Sergeant Bos retired, the military decided that Cici’s job wouldn’t end there. She would serve in regions devastated by war for over a year! When Cici retired, Sergeant Bos had the chance to meet with the little dog… It was then he realized he wanted to stay with her forever, starting the adoption process. On Cici’s return, Bos was waiting to greet her at the airport, as well as dozens of reporters.

With the help of the American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue, Cila was flown all the way from Germany to Chicago to reunite with Sgt. Bos at O’Hare International Airport. The second Cila hears Sgt. Bos’ voice, she knows it’s him. “So, what’s the future hold for you two old soldiers?” the cameraman asks Sgt. Bos.

While he responds by saying he’d like to work with veterans and help them deal with the struggles post-deployment, he’s happy to say that Cila will be put to work… as a couch potato. Together again, the two retired soldiers are now living their lives of retirement at Sgt. Bos’ home in Michigan.

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