Dog Left All Alone At Shelter After Every Other Dog Is Adopted

The staff at the Wayside Waifs Animals Shelter are astonishing individuals who’d do anything for the creatures that live at their place. Simply a month ago, they sorted out a major appropriation occasion during which individuals visited the haven and gave the creatures the eternity homes they all frantically needed to have.

The occasion occurred at the safe house in Kansas City, Missouri and it was an immense achievement. However, the sentiment of satisfaction at the asylum workers was blended with that of pity once they understood everybody left the spot with a family aside from Kenny, a stunning Pitbull terrier blend.

No one really knew how no one wanted the sweet dog. The staff described him as an energetic canine with a bubbly personality. They were certain those who overlooked him missed a chance to get an amazing furry companion. “Kenny is a fun, friendly and happy dog,” Casey Waugh, communications and annual giving manager at Wayside Waifs, told The Dodo. “He’s definitely a people dog! Yesterday a volunteer took him on a field trip. The volunteer described him as ‘a dream.’”

All what those around Kenny wanted was for him to get his happy ending, too. They thought they could achieve it by spreading Kenny’s story on the shelter’s Facebook page. That way, people could learn more about the sweet dog’s antics, likes, and dislikes. Among the things they listed as Kenny’s favorites were going to the park and playing on agility equipment.

He also loved getting belly rubs and snuggling with humans. “Lest you think I’m all about exercise and being on the go, I’m also an affectionate dog who loves attention from you. I like to get my belly rubbed and I like to curl up next to you and cuddle. I also enjoy playing with toys and I can entertain myself with them if you’re busy with other stuff. I’ll make a really wonderful companion for you!” Wayside Waifs wrote.

The idea of spreading Kenny’s story was a great one and it worked wonders. Many people called the place saying they were interested to welcome him into their life. Kenny found his new home with an adorable lady who would take great care of him. “Wayside’s adoption counselors could tell his new mom put a lot of thought into this adoption prior to coming to Wayside. They still talked with her about his needs, such as how to provide mental and physical activity, that he needs to remain the only dog in the home, and other things that will make life with Kenny wonderful,” Wayside Waifs wrote.

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