Meet Hulk – A 175-Pound Pit Bull

Marlon Grennan says his super-sized pit bull Hulk could snap a man’s arm off in one bite. He also says he has no qualms about leaving the 175-pound dog around his toddler. “I don’t think it’s irresponsible at all for people to have pit bulls and their children,” says Lisa Grennan, Marlon’s wife and father to their 3-year-old son Jordan. “They’re dogs just like any other dogs. No matter what the breed, it’s all completely how you raise them.” Hulk is constantly around their son Jordan and even lets him ride on his back. According to Marlon, Hulk was of the three largest pit bulls in the world by the time he was 17 months. “And the youngest and he’s the prettiest,” Marlon adds.Marlon and Lisa Grennan are the owners of Dark Dynasty K9s in New Hampshire, which breeds and sells pit bull protection dogs to celebrities, billionaires, law enforcement, and families. His dogs can sell for between $2,500 and $30,000 or more. He’s even been offered $500,000 for Hulk, but Marlon says he wouldn’t even sell Hulk for even $10 million. “I have no concern about any of the dogs around my son,” said Marlon told Barcroft TV. “They are amazing family dogs.” This is because Marlon says his dogs are properly trained and know how to recognize a real threat. They don’t just “freak out” for no reason when they’ve been trained properly. Marlon says Dark Dynasty K9s live and breathe pit bulls and put unmatchable care into training their dogs.

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