8-Year-Old Refugee Hailed A Hero For How He Helped Stray Dog Hit By A Car

A youthful exile in war-torn Syria is standing out as truly newsworthy for his empathy toward a destitute puppy in need. Sweet 8-year-old Huseyin el-Hasan has encountered more disaster and misfortune in his brief span on earth than a great many people do in a lifetime.

That didn’t prevent the young man from offering solace to a harmed stray pooch who lay biting the dust in favor of the street. Hasan first saw the puppy laying on a roadway media, plainly stricken somewhere around an engine vehicle close to his receptive home of Kills, Turkey.

Though the child could have kept walking, he quickly went to the animal’s side to help. Though the boy could not stop the dog’s pain, he got a blanket from his house and placed it on the dog’s shaking body. Next, he asked for others to call for help, never leaving the dog’s side the entire time.

Although the dog succumbed to her injuries and passed away, Hasan was honored as a hero. The city’s deputy mayor, Cuma Ozdemir, made a personal visit to Hasan’s home to honor him. The child was given new blankets to replace the one he used on the dog. We raise our sparkling water bowls to this beautiful boy and encourage everyone to pay it forward and help an animal in need.

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