Man Adopts All Of The Overlooked Senior Animals From Shelter

Steve Grieg is an animal sweetheart from Colorado who has reliably had piles of pets in his home. Steve reliably had various pets in his home growing up. As an adult, he continued removing in animals from karma. He normally had three or four mutts in his home without a moment’s delay. He lives on a huge piece of property with a great deal of space for all these finished creatures.


Sadly, one of Steve’s pooches passed away. This passing hit Steve particularly hard, and he expected to design something for praise his little person. Steve went to his adjacent haven and solicitation their “least adoptable” dog. He expected to give this canine a probability at having a better than average life. “So [I adopted] a 12-year-old Chihuahua [named Eeyore] with a heart mutter and four awful knees and I brought him home and that was just the beginning of the significant number of animals,” Steve told The Dodo.

After that, Steve started taking in a consistently expanding number of animals up the creek without a paddle. Steve now has 10 senior canines living in his home. He has in like manner started fanning out and getting more animals up the creek without a paddle. He has taken in two pigeons and two ducks who required a home. Steve similarly ended up accepting a pig named Bikini from a sidekick who couldn’t keep her. Steve was amped up for the chance to bring home a pet pig, and Bikini ended up fitting in well in his home!

The pig accepts she’s a pooch, and she gets along especially well with Steve’s Irish Wolfhound, Enoch.Steve has also taken in a rabbit who he found hopping around his front yard. The rabbit ended up being very relaxed and easygoing, and he got along well with all of the dogs.“They’re just wiser animals,” Steve said. “You kind of know what you want out of life once you become a certain age. These dogs know who they are and it’s easy to develop a relationship with a person or pet who knows who they are.”

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